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tv   News  ABC  September 21, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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335 closed today. 5:29. lets check the roads -- weather with justin berk. >> let's show you where the power is on and where the temperatures are. in glen burnie, anne arundel community college, 53 degrees. we've had fog and really low cloud deck. i was talking to some people that had seen the street lights reflecting off the clouds saying, about 100 feet above the ground in spots. it will be interesting especially on the north side, perry hall to towson and up through hunt valley. monkton now 51 degrees. back to 53 ellicott city. overall low 50s. some 40s. patchy low clouds and fog. otherwise we're looking for a partly sunny day and our two-degree guarantee gets us back to 76 degrees. last day of summer so make the most of it. let's check the roads with kim. >> good morning. we don't have too many problems to let you know about on the major roads at this time. as we look at 95 southbound as you approach the whitemarsh boulevard area. traffic is moving at a good
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pace as you make your way to the 695/895 split. no problems to let you know about at the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza either, but we have a watermain break that has broening highway and dundalk and avon avenue closed in both directions. s another crash, eastern avenue and north point road in dundalk. and a car into a traffic light pole at west baltimore street and north schroeder. middle river, dark head cove road, closed because of an ongoing sewer problem. two-way traffic in the eastbound lanes get by. jfx at northern parkway, no problems. back to you. we've seen the president's opinions and his blitz on letterman, did he make news? sherrie johnson live with a lot of tapes to go through. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: president barack obama continues the personal persuasion approach when it comes to health care proposals.
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he made appearances on nearly all the talk shows including abc, nbc, cbs and cnn andune -- univision. the interview with stephanopoulos got a little testy when the suggestion of the mandate to require everyone to buy health insurance was a backhanded tax increase. the president wants to make several conversations before considering whether to send more troops to afghanistan. >> i have to exercise skepticism whenever i send a man or woman into harm's way. i'm answerable to their parents if they don't come home. >> lawmakers get their chance this week to change the overhaul plan as the senate finance committee begins work on the bill. some want the public option included. other concerns include the cost and whether it does enough to help low and moderate income americans. at 6:00, what republicans have
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to say about all this. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:32 now. also on president obama's list of things to do the controversy at the community group acorn, he said there should be an investigation into that hidden camera video that shows acorn employees in baltimore speaking with a couple who said they were a prostitute and pimp. the acorn workers including two here in baltimore have seen the advertising advising the couple to lie about their professional learnings and launder their earnings to get the housing aid. the president says that what he saw in the video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated. feds think they've broken up a terrorist plot. in colorado investigators say they found notes describing how to make bombs as part of a terrorism investigation. najibilazzazii and his father are due in court today. for charges of making false statements to the government. though legal experts say more charges could be coming. wildlife officials in japan
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were forced to shoot and kill a bear after it injured nine people at a souvenir shop. a tourist taped the whole thing. it first attacked people in a parking lot and walked into a building where it became trapped in a souvenir stand and shot by a hunter. the attack lasted about an hour, surprisingly no one suffered life threatening injuries in the attack. actor john travolta among the potential witnesses in a trial in the bahamas that begins today. a driver and another person accused of trying to extort money from travolta after his son jett died. here we go to cuba now, hundreds of thousands of people fill revolutionary plaza for a open air peace concert. the event was headlined by colombian rocker juanes. some in florida criticized the
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event saying performers were lending support to the communist regime simply by showing up. organizers say 500,000 people came out to support peace. on september 21st -- this monday, a groundbreaking ceremony for a new homeless prevention and support shelter, this is in anne arundel county. and bb & t will make an investment in the future of baltimore county youth. employees will come to the hillendale pal center to provide furniture, equipment and brand new look to the center. seniors at a baltimore county nursing home have a story to talk about. yesterday a fire broke out and forced everyone out of the building. this happened at the spring house assisted living on reisterstown road. investigators say that a small fire started in the building's trash room but it was enough to trigger the sprinkler system there. thankfully no injuries reported. 5:35. quite a busy night across baltimore. >> two separate crashes in the
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city injure nearly a dozen people. the effort that it took fire crews to rescue one man after crashing his moped. all the your old toys are new again. a walk down memory lane with the man who has the world's largest toy collection but before you head out the door here's justin berk with the weather. >> i'm so glad you two are driving the toy bus. we have a mix of clouds, patchy fog and temperatures near 50 degrees. in fact it's 51 in downtown baltimore now. with 92% humidity. let's check the bus stop with mark jones. >> good morning. for your commute today your find out on the brunswick line of marc, 20 minutes late from barnesville to union station. the camden and penn lines look good. light rail and metro subway on time. number 17 bus diverted at corporate and international, as construction continues. a heavy volume of passengers on the 7, 13 and 23 buses. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪
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5:39. welcome back to "good morning maryland." >> here's justin berk with the weather. good morning. >> good morning. clouds trying to build in. low clouds, really interesting
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setup, where we're looking at patchy fog as well. especially on the north side. and looks at least from the latest satellite issue from basically the beltway to the pennsylvania line, harford, cecil county and hugging around the bay. otherwise temperatures down to 51 in baltimore. 52 easton and pretty much the range from the upper 40s to the mid-50s across most of the metroar. a little patchy fog and we turn partly sunny with an afternoon temperature making it up to our two-degree guarantee of 76. there's weample temperatures around the corner -- warmer temperatures around the corner. we're going to talk about that as fall rolls into town. now let's check the roads with kim. >> so far your monday morning commute is off to a quiet start, that's good, no complaints or problems to let you know about on 95 as you make your way down towards the 695/895 split. the beltway is also running smoothly. outer loop, no problems between harford road and charles street but in dundalk, broening highway continues to be closed in both directions at avon avenue as they clean up that watermain break from over the weekend.
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use caution there. you can use dundalk avenue, hollow burt other merit avenue. east point road and north point avenue crash has been cleared. and dark head cove road closed in the westbound direction because of an ongoing sewer problem. traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. jfx at north avenue, traffic running smoothly. back to you. it's now 5:41. massive flooding caused massive headaches in dundalk over the weekend. >> it's going to be a long week ahead for folks as they try to recover from that massive watermain break. i'm linda so with the latest on clean-up efforts. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops. it works fast, with just one drop, to relieve my itchy eyes from allergies for up to 12 hours. no other allergy itchy eye drop works faster or longer. which is good, 'cause there's a lotta paws to shake.
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"good morning maryland" time now is 5:44. you've got to feel for those living in dundalk. i don't know what you did over your weekend but you didn't spend it like this. >> they were busy wondering how they were going to clean up after a huge mess. linda so live with how they are recovering. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a slow recovery. you can still see the gaping hole. when the watermain broke it inundated the streets with water. there are echoes of generators throughout dundalk but the cries for help are even louder.
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many are worried their insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some victims say they've had their insurance for 40 years and may not receive any money to cover the damages. insurance adjustors spoke to folks in the neighborhood this week to give them peace of mind about the situation, a situation that could cost thousands. >> this is a recession, unemployment is at its highest. this is a working class neighborhood. people cannot afford to pay for the costs themselves. >> reporter: you'll still want to avoid this part of broening highway. officials expect it to be closed from two to four weeks for repairs. live in dundalk, linda so, susan linda so -- abc2 news. >> leave us a message. do you think the insurance companies are doing an adequate job of getting people help in dundalk. why or why not. friend us on facebook or twitter. a look at other stories we're following this morning. some amazing crash video from
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our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill. 3:00 this morning police say a cabbie jammed right into eight passengers, into his car -- jammed eight passengers, into his car and two children. then it collided injuring everyone in the cab. the driver of the suv wasn't hurt but the passengers were taken to area hospitals. no word if the cabbie will face charges. a man is recovering after police say he crashed his moped into a guardrail and flipped over the embankment this morning. it happened at frederick avenue and millington in southwest baltimore. rescuers had to use ropes and gurney to pull him up and take him to the hospital. he's expected to be ok. you sat there thinking there's no way a ravens team can lose when scoring 31 points. no way! ray lewis into it. joe flacco kits kelley washington. 27-yard touchdown score. he hits todd heap for a 10-yard
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score that put up the ravens. then phillip rivers hits vincent jackson and that brought san diego back to within five but the game came down to fourth and 2 had he ravens 15. at the ravens 15. ray anthony lewis wins it. >> first of all, just keep the charge -- give the chargers credit for a tremendous football game. it's a really good football team. a team that knows how to win football games at the end. i guess ray lewis knows a little better. maybe the greatest football player i've ever seen. >> how about that. when the lewis hall of fame tape is shown in canton this may be the first highlight. a walkoff tackle. ravens win 31-26, 2-0 on the year. cleveland next up at home sunday. 5:47. things are changing in baltimore city. restaurants in the city are getting a tuneup in the health department. the transfat ban officially in effect. restaurants now obligated to
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use ingredients that don't have transfats. mayor sheila dixon signed the bill banning transfats last year in march. 5:47. in the bible it says "when i became a man i put away childish things" but for his entire life one man did the opposite. >> the result, one of the world's largest toy collections. >> reporter: fire trucks, mail trucks, ice cream trucks, big cars, small cars, old cars, new cars. if there's a toy heaven it might just be in pittsfield, massachusetts. >> people always ask me how many toys you have. i don't know. >> reporter: try about 7,000. stacked floor-to-ceiling in a four-story addition to the back of donald kaufman's house. >> it makes a lot of noise. >> reporter: it's pretty fun, huh? >> it has to be fun for a kid. >> reporter: his family
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founded the kb toy chain and don helped run the company for years but for him toys were never just business. >> if this toy could talk, i always think about that. i would love to know where it's been, who played with it, who made it. >> things are really spinning at the toy fair. >> >> reporter: he began collecting at antiques and auctions like this one in 1950. it became his passion. >> to me toys are art. each one is like a valuable painting. >> reporter: this 1930s motorcycle with mickey mouse and minnie mouse is worth up to $60,000. >> you trust me with it. >> i trust you with it, sure. >> reporter: now don is putting his entire collection up for sale. the first part of a five-part auction already brought in more than $4 million. he doesn't need the money. he just says it's time to pass them on to other people. that doesn't mean it's easy. this is his wife, sally. >> i miss them already. it's hard for me to talk about it.
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you know? >> reporter: 7,000 toys, 7,000 stories. and if there's one lesson don wants the world to learn? >> it's a great one right here. angel. >> reporter: it's that there's always room for one more toy. john berman, abc news, pittsfield, massachusetts. >> reporter: we're going to take you outside, back to dundalk, we're watching at the elementary school with temperatures of 56 degrees this morning. we got a littlehibit of that easterly wind, whenever we have that eitherly wind and high -- easterly wind and high humidity we have fog. that is the issue this morning. right now high pressure is still protecting us with 53 degrees in baltimore. we dropped in the 40s yesterday morning. some spots in the 40s still as well. we'll make a recovery. you can see showers back here.
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this is interesting, the cloud line and basically back into the mountains and then just off towards our north and east and we've highlighted that with the yellow shading, high pressure in control. we're getting that east-to-southeasterly wind today that will build in moisture even though it looks dry on the satellite and radar composite. a storm system through the northern plains will probably keep showers locked west of the mountains most of the week. in atlanta, georgia, they had five inches of rain yesterday. more rain for them. as far as we're concerned we're going to take an easterly flow. the remnants of what was once hurricane fred, not much action for us. this afternoon, partly sunny, 76 degrees in downtown baltimore. looking for the skies, even morning fog to break into a partly sunny day, westminster, you'll make it to 74 degrees. temperatures on the eastern shore as well should make it up to the mid and upper 70s with 77 easton. kim? i'm looking for people to follow me on twitter.
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log on to got 261 followers, i'm plowed -- proud of that. anne arundel county, route 50 and route 97, traffic starting to build but no problems or delays at this time. capitol beltway, running smoothly. if you're headed on northbound 9 towards the baltimore beltway traffic running smoothly as well. in dundalk, still a watermain break that has broening avenue and avon avenue closed in both directions. use dundalk avenue, holo wurt avenue or merritt avenue. in middle river, westbound molton point road at dark headco road. a sewer problem there, two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. jfx at northern parkway, traffic looks great so far. most pies are tasty but this one in the face of rob carlin not so much. rob carlin saying bye-bye to baltimore. you got to read the fine print and you should really think about it. >> small details to read when signing up for a free house
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>> we'll show you again. >> this is, as christian eluded to at the top of the show my final sports extra. i accepted a job back from my hometown in new york, up on long island. i'll be covering the new york islanders hockey team. so it's been a fun -- >> congratulations. >> good luck with the islanders. >> thanks. >> that's rob, better known around here rob pringle announcing he's moving on to cover the new york islanders hockey team. saying goodbye last night when christian schaffer lands him with a shaving cream pie. >> yeah, not a whipped cream pie. i don't think that felt good in the eye socket. >> we were talking. you have some explaining to do. you're not going anywhere? >> no. he'll be covering the islanders. we went from separate shifts to separate cities. >> proving you can't work together.
5:57 am
we just can't work together. >> no, it will be fine. he's traveling with the team. when he's not traveling with the team he'll be in baltimore with me. >> at least he'll have the best set of teeth on that team. >> you general hospital that right. >> -- you got that right. >> we'll miss rob. >> me, too. let's look at weather with justin berk. >> the irony is he uses an electric razor, right? >> yeah. that was not his shaving cream. >> what's that? outside today we're looking at 76 degrees and we'll take you in to tomorrow where fall begins in to the late afternoon hours, 5:18. 76 degrees and spotty showers. we'll actually go the other direction even though fall will be here. back in the low 80s wednesday and thursday with spotty showers, maybe a thunderstorm. we'll try to break out. friday looks to be the pick of the week, sunny, near 80. over the weekend 70s return. we'll be right back with megan pringle and the rest of the crew after this. nals, always ready when they hear the call...
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